The Garden is a private, virtual community for incredible humans who want to...

  • Lean into life’s big questions in a thoughtful and curious way

  • Show up powerfully, authentically, and joyfully as leaders in all aspects of work and life

  • Zoom up from the day-to-day to explore what matters most

  • Make the world at least a little bit better each day

  • Be part of a community of other incredible humans who want to do the same

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Overview of The Garden

Your Membership to The Garden includes...

  • A live, virtual workshop each month hosted via Zoom (these will be recorded and available afterward, in case you can’t join us live)

  • A live Laser Strategy Session opportunity each month (you bring your topic/challenge/question; the community will help you uncover new insight, perspective, and ideas)

  • A rich and robust resource library

  • Access to the community - where you can ask questions, bring challenges, share resources, and get feedback

  • Virtual support throughout the month

  • Early access to new offerings and events

The Garden might be a good fit for you if...

  • You believe in the idea of conscious leadership and want to cultivate this in yourself and others.

  • You are looking for a community of ‘stunning colleagues’ - heart-centered humans who raise the bar, who act from a place of integrity, who are equally parts wildly driven and high performing and heart-centered, compassionate, generous, and loving.

  • You are looking for a place to come back to - a home base - a place that fills you up, re-energizes you, and nourishes you.

  • You consider yourself a giver and are just as excited to contribute to the community as you are to learn from it.

  • You are excited about the possibility of not only increased impact, but also the beauty, awe, and wonder that exists along the way.

The Garden's Current Offerings

New content and new courses are added to The Garden each month. Here's a preview of the courses that are currently available.

Invest in The Garden

We would love to have you join us if this feels like the right fit for you.
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